Sure Bet Moto

by Kéla Walker

This Peter Pilotto for Target Moto Jacket is probably one of my favorite pieces from the collection.  This is going to sound silly but I have to tell you, it kinda saved my life one day; or at least  my style life.  Kontinue for the full funny but true story.

how to wear Peter Pilotto for Target Moto Jacket

Ok, you know how you wake up late on one of those days when you NEED to look good but failed to prepare the nigth before so you are scrambling in the morning trying to figure out what to wear? Such was the case on this particular day. I had a few things on the schedule for the day needed to look the part but couldn’t quite pull my look together like I wanted. Per usual in cases like this I turn to a dress because they are no brainers.  I threw on this black one because, DUH, that’s a double no brainer plus its super comfy. Probelsm solved, right? NO! I hate wearing black when I need to make an impact.  Sure it’s sleek and chic but unless it’s a major statement piece like my mongolian fur vest, black can be pretty forgettable and hardly standsout when you need to be seen. I tried this Peter Pilotto for Target moto jacket on top and VOILA- I was ready to GO.  Instantly the fade to memory black dress stood out what was once boring and blah was now bright and bold standing out in style. So you see,  if it wasn’t for this jacket, who know’s how I would have looked on this very special day.  BTW, this soooo proves my fashion POV that a great blazer / jacket will always snatch your look together with ease.

Today’s Kloset Pull

Coat ~ Zara | Moto Jacket ~ Peter Pilotto for Target | Dress old ~ Ivy and Blu | Necklace old~ Zara |
Boots old ~ Tory Burch  | Lipstick ~ Mac Heroine

Get the Look in Your Kloset

Have you ever had one of those moments / mornings when I piece of clothing saved yours stylish life? What’s your go to piece on those last minute, rushing out the door, mornings?