Velvet Touch

by Kéla Walker

What is that Velvet?? Yes, it is and I have to admit I’ve taken quite a strong liking to the rich, soft material  this season.   


I know at first sound of the word velvet you get flashbacks to classic films and  juicy sweatsuits  but please note those sweatsuits were velour NOT VELVET and the two are quite different.  At any rate forget all the stereotypes and funny wise cracks you have heard about velvet. The soft to touch texture took on quite the fashion revamp this season and came readily available styles that are anything but old fashion.  My most recent article on highlights a bunch of great pieces you can find in the fabric, including these velvet pants I’m wearing (check out the article here) .  These velvet pants might be one of my favorite buys this season ( I feel like I say that often but I mean it every single time).  I simply can not explain how comfortable they are. If I could wear them every day I would.  I love them, so much so that I figured I would take things a step further and pair them with a velvet top. I know that sounds like a bit too much, once again giving you flashback to that juicy track suit, but you gotta admit that this velvet polka dot blouse was the perfect balance to the look. It’s not to much but just enough. The whole look was so comfy and classic yet still very on trend.  I’m actually quite smitten with how my whole velvet suit came together.


Today’s Kloset Pull

Coat ~ Zara | Shirt ~ Joe Fresh (Still in Store & on Sale)  | Pants ~ H&M (Now on SALE)  | Shoes old~ Zara | Purse old ~ DvF |
Necklace ~ NYC Boutique

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Tell the truth, did this post intrigue you just a little about velvet and make you want to try it out before spring summer hits? Or are you like me and are already a fan of the luxe fabric?