How To Stretch Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall

by Kéla Walker

I know we’re all excited about Fall and our new clothes but I need folks to hold off on piling it all on, so soon.  I promise you’ll have more than enough time down the line to wear your fall gear but for now try fitting in a few more wears of your summer clothes to transition into your Fall wardrobe

Fall just started and already I’ve seen folks wearing Uggs boots and wool coats. I know it’s a little nippy out but I beg you, please hold off on all that extreme fall wardrobe.   The days are still (semi) long and warm,  providing ample time to mix in those summer favorites with the light layers of fall.

( My Face when I see folks wear wools coats in this 75 degree+ weather)

This look is the perfect blend of summer with my fall wardrobe.   I purchased this jumper a while ago for a getaway but never got to wear it.  Instead of packing it away, I’m mixing it in.  Now is when I try to wear those pieces I didn’t get to wear throughout the summer or repeat a few of my favorite looks and mix them with light fall layers like this trench.  It was too hot to wear in the summer but its the perfect match with this jumpsuit- merging the warm and cold together.   This is while I love Fall Because it’s the best of bother worlds

DO:  Mix and match your summer clothes with your light fall clothes
Don’t: Be so quick to start piling on this thick pieces like wool.
DO: Layer your sleeveless and flowing pieces over long sleeve tops and under dusters and trenches (great way to maximize your wardrobe)
Don’t: Be so quick to pull out your boots and bundle up
DO: Try wearing a bootie with your favorite summer dress and continue wearing your sandals

These are the best days of fall.  In a few weeks it will be super cold and you’ll need those uggs boots but for now continue to wear your indulge your summer wardrobe and enjoy the best of both worlds

Today’s Kloset Pull

Jumpsuit ~ Forever 21 | Jacket ~ Asos | Shoes ~ via Zappos

How are you making your wardrobe work in fall?