White & Whimsical :: My Version of Winter White

by Kéla Walker

I’ve been wanting to try the whole winter white thing for a while now but truth be told the whole idea of it scares me but alas I gave it a swirl  

I love winter white or white in the winter – so crisp and pure- but it’s way more ideal than practical.  Just the thought of the color and all the dirt and stains it attracts scares me.  I love how this white look came together with the pastel & neutral colors.  If you going to venture into winter white for the season, this is how’s it’s done.

Sidebar: I’ve been trying to wear these boots as much as possible, creating as many look as I can around them.

Today’s Kloset Pull

Sweater ~ Warehouse c/o Stylehouse PR| Skirt ~ Zara | Boots ~ H&M

Get the look in you Kloset

Have you tried wearing white in the winter? How do you get away with the look?