Work Out Without Sweating Out Your Hairstyle #WorkoutWednesday

by Kéla Walker

How do you workout with your hair. It’s one of the most frequently asked questions I receive since I started getting #Snatched. Honestly one of the reasons I initially hated working out was because of my hair. The road to a snatched waistline is paved with sweat, rough edges and swollen roots. But when your long term goal is to be fit and look good in your clothes, you get over sweating out your hair real quick. Or rather you find ways to make it work for you. Here’s how I work up a sweat and and keep my hair in shape

I’m a stereotypical black woman- I don’t ever want to do anything to mess up my hair  *Insert Solange “Please don’t touch my hair” There are some exceptions to the rule but if you know my struggle, you know it takes a lot of TIME and effort to obtain and maintain a hairstyle- natural or not.  However for the past few months I’ve been sweating out my hair and somehow maintaining a style. Workout hair or not I basically have three hairs styles – straight,curly and homeless. Homeless is what you see during my workouts most times. lol  When I wear my hair straight and workout – I keep it wrapped during my sessions. The same stocking cap I sleep in (I know, that’s some real country shyt but it’s effective) gets covered with either A- a turban or B a scarf that I style into something cute and fashionable- think June Ambrose or some other wrap queen.

That helps keep everything in place and minimize any swelling that sweat and moisture may cause. When I comb it out its in better shape than it would be if I just wore it without any protection.  If necessary I’ll flatiron a section here or there to smooth things out.  With that said you should also know I’m on the track team. I make no secret about wearing a weave and thinks it’s been and integral part to me having any hairstyle while working towards a smaller waist.

Within a week of getting my hair straight it gets greasy and turns stiff and limp. I HATE that kind of hair which means it’s time to switch up to my second hairstyle- curly/ wavy. Dirty hair is actually the best time to add texture to your hair, because it’s greasy it holds curls a little better.  It’s also the easiest to maintain while you’re working out. During this time I wear it in a messy bun during my workouts with the gym wrap tied around my edges. The gym wrap is the sweat proof head wrap actress Nicole Ari Parker created. I hate working out without it.  I attribute it for keeping my edges sleek and on fleek. After the workout  I let out the bun/ top knot immediately and fluff it out so no WIERD bends set in. The result is that imperfectly perfect hair or what I like to call organized chaos. Think Monica from Girlfriend. When necessary I’ll smooth out my hair and define my curls with a flat iron.

And there you have it, my technique and tips for not sweating out my hairstyle while working out. When all else fails I just throw a cap on it until I can get back to the straight stage. Of course I attribute a lot of my hairstyle preservation to wearing a weave. (Read more about that here) It’s protective styling at its best and definitely helps me keep and maintain my style.  I don’t know what I’d do without it.  But whatever your hair type find what works for you and don’t allow yourself to be a prisoner to your hair like I was for so many years. Trust me, your body will thank you later.

How do you keep up with your hair while working out?