A Good Hair Day Makes Everything Right in The World 

by Kéla Walker

I’m just hear because I’m having an amazingly good hair day. That’s all.  Nothing else really matter

This was a good hair day. Good makeup day too since Camara beat it.  I don’t even know what I’m wearing- I’m just here for the neck and up.  lol.  These #ootd photos were taken on a shoot day when I had to be all dressed up for a segment.  That h typically means I throw something comfortable on for before and after my shoot.  On those days, I’m really only concerned with my makeup and hair- after my script of course.

I like to think I have three hairstyles- straight, curly and homeless ( I don’t wear the goddess braid often enough to count it) .  This was one of those in between straight and curly days.  Gimme a couple more days and my hair will be in that homeless stage. It’s amazing how much a good hair day has an impact on me and my style.  I’m not really dressed, unless my hair is done in which case I can wear anything like pairing these shades of green together (which is all types of wrong- DONT YALL TRY THIS AT HOME)  and not care one iota because my hair is DONE and all is well with the world

Today’s Kloset Pull 

Hair – ME | Makeup ~ Camara | Top and Pants ~ H&M |
Coat ~ Forever 21 | Purse ~ Rebecca Mnkoff | Boots ~ Kelsi Dagger|

Does hair have the same impact on you? Does a good hair day makes all things right in the world?