The Real Tea on That Strength of Nature Beauty Trip to Jamaica

by Kéla Walker

You didn’t think that last post was the extent of of my Strength of Nature Jamaica getaway, did you? HA. Unlike Vegas, what happens in Jamaica doesn’t stay there. Along with all the female empowerment, brand engagement and hair tips us ladies got to explore a whole new side of Jamaica
Dirty Wine- WHAT?
Stripper Poles- HUH?

Continue to see what happens when a group of bloggers and editors explore the island routes of Jamaica and TURN UP, for real.

Before we get started, I just need y’all to know I aint the one to gossip so you aint heard none of this from me. OK? Carry on

This wasn’t my first time in Jamaica but it was my REALEST.  I was pleasantly surprised to see and explore a new side of the island and it’s island roots. Literally and figuratively.  Island Routes (pronounced roots) is appropriately the name of the excursion company that showed us around the island.
It all kicked off on catamaran cruise.


As soon as we boarded we were encouraged to #livefunner and well… that’s exactly what we did.

The best way to describe this experience is Beyoncé’s 7/11 but on a boat instead of a hotel.

There was laughter.
And several fresher than you moments.

OMG! It was so much FUN!!!


I mean just imagine it, a bunch of girls laughing and having a good time without a care in the world. The only thing rocking the boat was the line dancing and the moves a couple ladies made on the stripper pole. lol. Like I said I aint the one to gossip so you aint hear it from me.

 It’s one thing to travel to an exotics destination but it another to cruise the sea and take in it’s island routes. Such a beautiful site to see.

Speaking of a sight to see, the captain of our sea excursion… GIRL. What a kutie! By the end of the trip is he was officially renamed #CaptainBae

It all ended with an amazing sunset that sent all of us away in awe.

If the short set from the my first Jamaica recap is my official getaway suit then this wrap sundress is my official boat attire. I carry it with me on every trip out of the country and it never fails to do the trick and turn heads in the process. My mom gave it to me several years ago because she didn’t know what to do with it.  It’s Perry Ellis Studio circa the 80’s.  She had no idea what kind of treasure it was but I did. Now after seeing me wear it several times, she’s trying to take it back and it out of my Kloset. HA. Not over my sun tanned body.

The following day things got down and dirty as many of us set out on a tubing adventure at the River Bumkin Farm . Omg, if we thought the catamaran was cool, this was ridiculously cooler.
We all strapped up and floated through the rivers of Jamaica to see a side seldomly seen in the Caribbean destination.

 I should tell you I can’t swim but I never met a water sport that a life jacket or 2 couldn’t take care of.  Nonetheless it was quite the adventure floating on a river through  the lush forest of Jamaica.

Our tour guide, Rasta,  was super gracious and attentive to us.  At one point he parked us on the side of the water bank, while he scaled a tree for fresh sugar cane for us to enjoy. That sugar cane was so damn good. I think Christen and I ate enough to make a meal out of it. As if that wasn’t enough our Island Route adventure included a limestone massage from our guide. It’s suppose to have all these cleansing qualities and stuff in it.  I  don’t know but clearly, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Am I knocked out? LORD. TURN DOWN

There were a few other Lord calling moments but I can’t tell ALL the business. Like I Said, I ain’t the one to gossip… Just know there were tons of memories created on the island routes of Jamaica.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, be sure to check out the Island Routes company.  They have outpost in several other Caribbean destinations- Aruba, Turks & Caicos, Saint Maarten. Book’em- They’ll definitely turn up the fun on your trip.