The KiKi ~ Jane Carter Solution Launches in Ulta

by Kéla Walker

 I’ve been using  Jane Carter Solution hair product for years. 10 years to be specific,  as my hairstylist so graciously reminded me, recently. For years, I could only find her products at the salon but now they are readily available everywhere they the launch of Jane Carter Solution ing Ulta beauty stores. To celebrate the growth of the brand guests were invited to kiki with Jane, herself.

Kontinue for more more kiki with Jane Carter

The event was filled with lots of Jane Carter fans who got first hand information about the products. I’m a big fan of the nourish and shine cream (the product you see Jane holding in it is THE TRUTH – a pea size goes a long way. I love that Jane’s products work on all hair types. Natural, locs, relaxed, long, short – it’s good stuff. My sister has thick, short hair and swears by the wrap & roll to set her hair after washes. On the flip side, my mom has what I like to call wet and wear hair aka silky and curly (you know the type) and she also loves Jane’s products. It’s pretty rare that you can find a salon quality products that works for everyone in your family

Besides launching in Ulta stores, the team also shared that they just launched an app – The Jane Carter Hair Care Wizard.  How many of your beauty brands can say that?  The free app shares hair tips, sales and promotions and has a product locator.  You can even upload your photo to get a personalized hair care “prescription” from a Jane Carter expert.  How cool is that?

 Equally cool, is Jane herself.  She’s super sweet and  down to earth- a you see her here with me and my blogger “krew” Ty of Gorgeous in Grey and Christen of Divas and Dorks.    It was kinda cool to meet the lady behind the brand and get to kiki with her.


Find out more about Jane Carter Solution products  and the app.