The Kiki ~ JCPenney New Year, New You Fitness Event + Video

by Kéla Walker

You all know I love me some JCPenney So when I received an invited  for  their New Year, New You Fitness Event with Karina Smirnoff  I jumped at the chance – especially since I’m in dire need to get fit.

Look, you know I hate to work out but the truth of the matter is I need to get fit for fashion if for no other reason.  The JCPenney workout New Year New You fitness event was just the boost I needed.  They offered a couple of time slots for the special event and I somehow ended up at the 8:30am class,  IDK what I was thinking.  Guests were treated to their new fitness line and a class with Dancing with the the Stars veteran  Karina Smirnoff. I thought I was going to learn a couple of dance moves or a step or two but Karina really worked us out. LIKEm REALLY. WORKED. US.O UT. Really. Okay, it was probably light work but not more than half way through the class I was looking at the clock and searching for mercy – reconfirming  what I already knew- I’m out of shape and desperately need to get my butt back in the gym.

Karina looked fit in JCPenney’s Xersion and CityStreets Activewear lines as she led the dance class.
It’s amazing how much aerobics goes into dancing. One minute we would be doing a side kick & the next minute that same move would be doubled and  somehow be a dance move.   Side note, I’m choreography challenged, so I mostly laughed through those moments.   But I looked pretty darn good. How cute are the pieces I’m wearing  from JC Penney. Do you know how hard it is to find workout leggings that are durable, cute and affordable. Good ol’ JCPenney to the rescue. Also I love that the pullovers  have thumb holders.


Check out this video of the experience and PLEASE, excuse my appearance in advance. I avoided the cameras for the duration of the workout but they caught me afterwards.  IDK what I was thinking allowing an interview in my sweaty state.  NOT KUTE

Afterwards we were treated to juices – which weren’t so bad considering the ingredients of beats, wheat grass and other least savory items that aren’t a part of my daily diet. My favorite of the bunch was the Xersion Sweet Green Boost.

Since I’m solely concerned with getting fit for fashion, it’s kind of cool that I can also get cute workout gear at JCPenney while also shopping for a great fashion find.

Such a FUN time AND just the kick in the ass I need to get back into shape.  Since JCP showed so much love and gifted each guest a Bella Blender (how cute is that name) I figured I would share the love with you Kuties; especially since I already have one at home.
Enter for a chance to get you own bella blender (a $40 value) in the the contest below by sharing
What motivates you to workout AND how you are embarking on a New Year New You?

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