Supermodel Joan Smalls Off Duty Style

by Kéla Walker

About that snap back beanie Supermodel Joan Smalls posted on the gram and made everyone swoon over…

 Joan Smalls Hat

Kontinue to see  how you can get Joan Small’s off duty style for much less than you think

Joan Smalls and this hat popped up a couple times on my timeline Sunday night. My girl Ty tagged me in the actual pict Joan posted asking me to find it for her-  you know we love a good beanie.  I’m not even sure of what to call it but for the sake of this post, lets refer to it as a snap back beanie, shall we.  Before I could even begin searching for said snap back beanie, the account @Joan.Smalls shared the deets.  Can you believe it’s Club Monaco.  Don’t even bother running to the site, it’s nowhere to be found there but I did find it in store and ON SALE.  I was totally ready to pay the ticket price of $59 dollars (I know, I know but that’s how much I wanted it) when it rang up for an additional 40% less = $35. SCORE!!! Unbeknownst to me, the hat was actually $80- chump change for a model like Joan Smalls.  It’s available in two colors, heather grey and charcoal grey.

I couldn’t figure out which one to get so I got both.  I’m sure whichever one I decide on, Ty will take the other.
Run, don’t walk to your local Club Monaco to find Joan Smalls’ hat / snap back beanie .  The sales associates informed me people were buying them in multiple.  Im pretty sure Joan Smalls made them do it.