Kate Spade Book Clutch Look For less

by Kéla Walker

The tale of fashion and the quest to be stylish. It’s every girl’s story or at least it’s mine which is why I love these book inspired-clutch purses. They’re so kute and whimsical.  I’ve been stalking the Kate Spade book clutch  for some time but questioned it’s value in my kloset. Sure it’s kute but you have to wonder about a book clutch’s  lifespan in your kloset. At a couple hundred dollars, I rather find a soft cover or a look for less. I was pretty elated to find a look for less and just as kute version.

Kate Spade Book Clutch Look For less

Kontinue for the deets on the look for less book clutch

A book clutch makes the perfect accessory for a romantic date night or to carry during wedding season which is why I acquired the look for less version . It’ll be on my arm at my friend’s upcoming nuptials + I like the title better.  ” Love & Other Stuff Like That”  It’ll be my own little love story to blush over time and time again.

Which book clutch would you choose?

Kate Spade Book Clutch at $328.00

Betsey Johnson Book Clutch at $68.00