WATCH ME WORK: Why My Style Code Live Gig Was The Perfect Job

by Kéla Walker

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a part of Amazon Live’s Fashion and Beauty show, Style Code Live, talking about one of my favorite things- shoes and more shoes!!! I love it when I get booked for a gig that intertwines both my passion in media and fashion.  It’s the perfect job!

(Prepping for my segment in the green room which by the way I totally want to copy for my own place)

When the folks over at Amazon Fashion’s Style Code Live asked me to be a part of new segment they were doing, SCL+, to talk all things shoes it was a no brainer for me.  You want me to be on tv (or in this case a live feed on the internet) chatting it up about my fashion and style- where is the work?   I have 6 Emmy nominations for my work in media and this site called Kéla’s Kloset – this was an job sent from heaven.  #BookedBusyBlessed.  The segment was all about shoes which I could talk about for hours on end much less 15 minutes.  I truly believe shoes can make or break an outfit and are always worth the invest. No matter how much weight you gain or lose, your shoes always fit.  The fun thing about this segment is that it also featured a shoe closet tours of some of your favorite fashion bloggers all of which gave me real sole envy WATCH HERE

Funny story: I bought two different looks for my segment for producers to choose from.  As soon as I stepped out in this mustard yellow top and jeans, the host Dimpy sent me right back to the room-  she was wearing the exact same combo. I was actually happy about this because this red, white and gingham look was my first choice for the segment.  However you’re not suppose to wear tight prints on camera but after doing a test shot, it  all worked out!  Though the almost twin vibes with Dimpy did let me know that we were going to click on the show and boy, did we. Dimpy was so wonderful and welcoming; not all talents are so gracious to share their stage but she was more than happy to do so. Not just a talking head, she’s also the fashion producer at Amazon Live handling a lot of the content and items you see throughout the show.  I love a woman that knows her way in front of the camera and behind the scenes *raises hand*.  Like I said, we instantly connected. Check it out HERE

(Feeling like I’m kinda a big deal)

The cool thing about Style Code Live and the SCL+ segment I did to kick off the nightly show is that  1- it’s Live and 2- you can shop everything you see on the show in real time.  Since we were talking all things shoes, you could purchase both mine and Dimpy’s shoes as well as the featured bloggers while you watched the show.  How dope is that? That’s my kind of show.  I’ve actually  been wanting to get more live experience under my belt and this was THE perfect place to put my skills to the test. Co-hosting with Dimpy felt like I was kicking it with my girlfriend but with cameras filming us and  20+ million people watching. No big deal.

Watch the segment to check out all the featured shoes but here are a few pair I’m into.  I got a thing for the whole knot/ bow look happening now and love the footwear coming out of the trend.

 I had the most fun on the SCL+set and and hope that I get booked to do it all again soon.

Today’s Kloset Pull

Blouse ~ Zara | Gingham Top ~ ASOS | Pants ~ Zara | Shoes ~ Amazon

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