The WeekEnd: A Recap of the Best Days of The Week

by Kéla Walker

HEY Kuties! How was your weekend? I thought I would try something new and recap mine here.  You know what they say, a Sunday well spent creates a week of content but why is it only Sunday?  Shouldn’t Saturday be up in the mix too.   Anywho my weekend was well spent doing everything I love on the best two days of the week- sleep, shopping, girl time and so much more.

Weekend Recap December 5th and 6th

Before I get into my weekend recap you should know I never start the weekend without a Nutella Mocha latte from my local coffee shop. I swear it’s like happiness in a cup and the only way I know how to kick the weekend off right. (Not Pictured because I drink it way to fast to take a picture)  All my snap chat family knows how near and dear I hope it to my weekend line up.  Okay now about the weekend, my Saturday was pretty low key.  After  handling some personal business I spent the entire evening in the salon. #BlackGirlProblems but on the flip side NEW HAIR.  Per usual I’m rocking nubian hair oasis.  I love their hair.  I would buy it even if I wasn’t an ambassador.  It’s THAT good.   I think this might be my style for the new year. I might add some color but otherwise this is pretty much it.

Sunday was actually the more eventful day of my weekend and the reason I thought about this WeekEnd recap. Maybe such is the case for most people and the reason behind that whole Sunday creates content saying.  The last day of the WeekEnd started it with my girl Nicole. We tackled the Sophia Webster Sample sale together  For those of you wondering why I didn’t tell you about it, you just proved that you’ve yet to like the Kéla’s Kloset Facebook. I post all those kind of event details there.  I missed the sale last year so I knew I had to check it out this go round.  Nicole and I tag teamed it, one would try on shoes and hold down the pile while the other would make a great discovery of even more shoes.  In fact Nicole discovered these “Hot Steppers” for me.   I’m pretty proud of my new additions to the collection.

Afterward we hit up Christina aka Love Brown Sugar’s Holiday Pop up shop where it seemed like the whole gang was there- bloggers and editors. Guest were invited to shop with some really cool vendors and indulge in a little with the Dove beauty bar and selfie station encouraging folks to love their curls.

My favorite moment had to be when Christina’s daughter Cadence aka Baby Brown Sugar stole DJ Olivia Dope’s job and took over the turn table.  Adorable doesn’t even begin to describe it. BTW, all of this was on my snapchat- the best place to get a rundown of my day to day + a little more than you bargain for .

About What I Wore Sunday… Im living for this 50 degree weather we are having in December so I took the opportunity to wear this gold leather jacket. I never wear it but it was a great way to add a little glam to my otherwise casual look. I stumble upon this super kute bike en route to the sample sale and had Nicki snap this picture of.

Today’s Kloset Pull

Jacket old ~ Replay | T-shirt ~ HM | Jeans and Purse ~ c/o Zappos | Boots ~ Zara

Welp, that’s the end of the WeekEnd.  Back to work we all go but first what did you think of this WeekEnd recap? Should I do them more often.  Do you have a weekend ritual like my Nutella Mocha Latte?