Key Pieces

by Kéla Walker

Hey Kuties. I’ve been running around crazy with little time to post or worry about how I look but there are a few key pieces I count on to pull me through and GLAMouflage my style during these hectic times…

Please accept my apology for the lack of post this week.  I have been beyond busy working and covering everything from Lady Gaga events to Samsung and more.  The late nights & early mornings combined with the frigid weather have left me with little to no energy.  I’m happy just to make it out the door  much less look cute and stylish. Whenever I’m crazed like this, I count on a few statement pieces to pull me through to keep things somewhat kute and GLAMouflage my lackluster looks.

1.A bold lip.
Ask anyone, whether it be a pink or plum or red lip, there is nothing like bold lip to give you that little boost of sass to make even the simplest outfit look Kute. My lippie of choice if of course, Stila Fiery

2. A hat
From a baseball hat to a beanie or this fedora, a can add personality to a look and separates you from the sea of plane janes. I love the personality that they add to a look.

3. A statement necklace
This is pretty self explanatory but a statement necklaces takes even the simplest t-shirts and give them an added bit of flare.

4. A Great Bag & Shoes
When all else fails, your bag and shoes will not.  Even with jeans and a t-shirt, a great bag and heels is duly noted and elevate a look up to the next level

Sure, it sometimes take a find balance to pull all four things off at once, but any one of them alone are the perfect piece to shudge up a look and help you GLAMouflage to look like you put forth more effort than you actually did.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to be back to my regular perky and posting self next week.
Happy Weekend

Today’s Kloset Pull

Hat ~ H&M | Vest ~ Uniqlo  over Leather Jacket ~ Zara | Jeans ~ H&M | Shirt ~ Joe Fresh
| Necklace ~ Zara | Bag ~ DVF | Shoes ~ Kelsi Dagger | Lippie ~ Stila + Mac Currant Lip Liner

What’s key pieces do you pull on to help you GLAMouflage??