Kim and Kanye Cover Vogue

by Kéla Walker

You know usually I don’t do this type of thing but I was just so taken aback by the Vogue cover with Kim K and Kanye that I just had to discuss with you

It’s been on the rumor mill for months now and I have to admit I was hoping it was just that – a rumor but at last we see that Kim Kardashian covering the Vogue is truth and I can’t believe it.  Vogue is suppose to be the fashion bible and I just don’t find Kim and Kanye to be witnesses to the faith.  Sure, Kim is gorgeous and rocks couture like no other but I don’t know about this. Her style has definitely evolved over that past 2 years but there is something about it that feels forced.  And Kanye.  Well , lets just say he seems like a cry baby who finally got his way in the situation.  Nonethless I will say this, Kimye’s  Vogue cover is hard proof that the American dream is real and that hard work and hustle do pay off. Love it or hate it, I gotta admit I wouldn’t mind seeing the full spread.

 Kontinue for more Pictures of Kim and Kanye in their Vogue spread


Check out behind the scenes footage of Kim and Kanye’s Vogue photoshoot  here. 

What do you think of the Kim and Kanye Vogue cover?