Kloset Keeper ~ The Right Leopard Print

by Kéla Walker

I use to hate leopard. I thought it was the tackiest thing in the world but that was before I learned the difference between good leopard and bad leopard. Leopard print is one of the classiest prints out there when done right, but when done wrong it can be super tacky and cheesy.  The right leopard print is timeless and transcend trends.  Take this top for instance, it’s more than 20 years old and is still relevant today.  I swiped it from my mother’s kloset and incorporated it into mine.  The kolor, the spacing of the print, it looks like it was perfectly lifted from the animal itself. It’s clearly a kloset keeper

I can’t stand those leoaprd and floral print blends or kolored leopard LIKE HERE.  Have you ever heard of a purple leopard running around the jungle? NO. Bad Leopard. BAD.  And the same goes for my accessories, shoes, bags and belts have to have the right print and there need to be texture, like calf hair or something believable.
The right leopard print make all the difference.

Whether leopard or any other trendy print this season, make sure you are investing in a quality pieces that are
Kloset Keepers and withstand the test of time.

***Photos taken by NELAWSON***

 Leopard Top ~ Vintage (similar)
Black Top ~ Target
Pants, Sunglasses & Cuff ~ H&M (similar pants & similar cuff)
Bag old & Shoes ~ Zara
Bracelet ~ Forever21
Necklace ~ Kenneth Cole