Kloset Klues ~ 1 Coat 5 Styles

by Kéla Walker

SCORE!!! I found the perfect stylich coat for all your cold weather needs.  Too often people make the mistake of wearing the wrong coat with their outfit.  This coat resolves all of that and gives you multiple options with 5 styles in 1. 1 coat that can possibly serve all your outer wear needs… sounds like perfection to me.

1 Coat 5 Ways

Kontinue for the breakdown of the 5 styles

If you follow me on IG, you know I’m always shopping and sharing all my great finds.  Instead of calling them fashion or style tips I refer to them as kloset klues. I use the hashtag anytime I spot something that I think would make a great addition to your kloset and heck, even mine.  Such is the case with this stylish coat I recently discovered.
Here’s the 5 style breakdowns for this 1 coat …

1. Wear the multi-textured biker coat just as is?
2. Make things a little lighter &  remove the fur vest & show off the quilted leather and wool details.
3. Remove the lower half of the coat for a cool varsity jacket style -kute with skinny jeans and booties.
4. Replace the vest over the shorter style. Worn with a maxi skirt and fedora it’s a look that’s very Parisian chic
5. Show off your Fall fashion style and  simply wear the vest alone

Really no matter you mood or style, this stylish coat fits the profile.

What do you think of this kloset klue? Wouldn’t it make a great addition to the kloset?