Kloset Krush ~ David Yurman Candy Cable

by Kéla Walker

OH MY GOODNESS! It was love at first sight when I saw these David Yurman color cable bracelets.  How cool are they?  I want every single one of them.  Cable bracelets are a little obsession of mine. I have a mini collection of them and it’s pretty imperative that I add one of these to the arm party.  This colorful arm party is all in celebration of David Yurman’s 30th anniversary.  He and his son Evan reimagined the iconic cable bracelet and created  a limited edition collection with a fresh and modern twist. The collection consist of 10 cool colors and a diamond pave one that we’re not even going to get into with a price tag starting at $85,000. The aluminum candy colored bracelets have more realistic price tag at $350 and are sure to be a collector’s item.
The only problem I have is figuring out which one to get.

Both the red and the pink one would be a great pop to my collection but so would the blue one. And the back one is just ahhhhh
I can’t decide!!! *insert cry face*
The collection is available February 15 and on pre-sell 14.
This would make a sweet Valentines day gift.  This is one time I will allow a “it’s in the mail” gift. 

What color do you think I should get.  What color would work in your kloset?