Know Your Perfect Fit

by Kéla Walker

It’s my opinion that we all should know and be in touch with what looks and styles work best for your body type

know what styles work best for your body

It’ so important to know what works best for your body – it will save you a lot of time and prevent a lot of fashion faux paux.  Many of you know that my suitcase was delayed a few weeks ago on a quick trip to LA. I landed at 8pm on a Sunday evening with nothing to wear for my 10am meeting the following day. With no time to spare I made it to Target just minutes before they closed to scoop up whatever I could for my trip. This dress was one of the first things I grabbed. You know I love a good print and pattern so it was a no-brainer but the fit and flare / slight a-line cut also made it an easy choice. I didn’t have time to try it on but because I’m fully aware of what styles work best for my body, I knew it would work. And it did, perfectly. This fit and flare style is an easy go-to style  and compliments more body shapes, especially those who are top heavy.  It’s so important to be in tune with your body and figure out what works for it.How do you do that you ask, you have to experiment and most importantly try different cuts and styles on.  A much as I love an empire waist dress, I’ve come to the reality that they don’t compliment me so I always steer clear of them. When you are in tune with what compliments you, you can easily walk into a store and shop with confidence and within minutes. BTW- Target has tons of these kute and stylish dresses that are great for work and play.

 A fit and flare dress is great for top heavy girls

Today’s Kloset Pull

Dress ~ Target | Purse ~ Joe Fresh | Shoes ~ Prabal Gurung for Target

Get the look in your kloset

What shapes and styles work best for your body type?