Last Time ~ Black And Brown Combo with Fur

by Kéla Walker

I cant believe it’s April and I’m still rocking fur.  Apparently Mother Nature hasn’t received the memo that Spring is HERE; it’s blistering cold in NYC.  That aside, I love the black and brown combo of this outfit – it’s one of my favorite color combos to pull on…


Despite the myth, black and brown is a really great color combo and work great ogether.  This top and pant are my  go-to when I don’t have time to think about my wardrobe but still want something komfortable, stylish and effortless to wear. The two dark colors are great contrast against one another.  It’s a very rich (in color) look.  Now if only I could wear this with a lighter coat.  I really  would appreciate it if this could be the last time  I have to pull out the wool and fur combo.


vintage fur coat

how to style brown and black together

 black and brown together

 motorcycle jeans

black and brown together

black and brown worn together

Are you a black and brown fan?

Today’s Kloset Pull 

Coat ~ Vintage | Shirt & Shoes ~ Zara | Pants ~ H&M | Bag ~ Liebeskind