Kloset Komparable ~ Leather Jogging Pants

by Kéla Walker

I’m feigning for a pair of these leather jogging pants which are all the rage this season  How cool would they look with Heels and a tailored blazer.  The real question is how much do you want to pay for the super trendy item that lacks little kloset longevity?…

Kontinue for a breakdown on on this week’s kloset komparable with leather jogging pants

Leather jogging pants have been on the trend scene for some time now, but now that the season is right for them they  are a hot commodity.  They been seen on everyone from Beyonce and Rihanna to Rick Ross and Kanye West have been rocking them.  I love’m but what I dont love is the ridiculously high price tag for the.  I know they are probably butter soft and just drape around your skin, blah blah blah but will I wear them 5 years from now.  That’s the real question.  Get the leather jogging pants look for a lot less with this edition of kloset komparable.

Look for Less Leather Pants Trend

Leather Jogging Pants Kloset Komparable 

Alice + Olivia Version $997 Pair
Generation Lo Jo $187 Pair
Need Supply $88 Pair
Sparkle & Fade $59 Pair  which I wore Here

Those Need Supply ones look like the would fit quite nicely into my kloset.  Which kloset komparable would you go for?