Dress Long on Style : Perfection of a Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

by Kéla Walker

Another day, another GREAT maxi dress

Remember when I rejoiced in finding this maxi dress a few weeks ago?  Do you know how difficult that is to find? Long sleeves and long length in one pieces.It’s a rarity to find one that’s nice and within the budget which is why I fell in love with this piece. On the rare occasion of a nice Fall day I like to pull out pieces like this to relish in the joy of it all.  Plus the extra coverage makes this long sleeve maxi dress far more bearable now than during the sweltering days of summer.  It’s a piece that’s long on style with minimal effort and maximum ease.

Today’s Kloset Pull 

Dress ~ Mango via JCPenney | Lipstick ~ Nars Train Blue and Stila Fiery

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