Kloset Komparable ~ Baroque Statement Necklace

by Kéla Walker

I’ve been drooling over this designer baroque statement necklace for as long as I can remember (actually I’ve lost track of time) It’s no longer available in stores but that hasn’t stopped me from wishing it in my Kloset. It’s so dreamy – the perfect gold statement to any collar. Sure you can rent it but that’s just a tease and doesn’t add up to my desire to own it. So imagine my delight when I spotted this komparable one recently. It’s not as large as the ornate designer version but at just $11 the baroque bib is still quite substantial and distinctive in size. It’s great for layering over a top, under the our collar or to peak out from a cute blouse. 

Kontinue for the details and purchase links on this kutie

Needless to say at 98% percent cheaper than the designer version and easily accessible,  I purchased the cheaper version without any hesitation and I Love it!

Which Kloset Komparable Would You Pick?

Rent the Oscar De La Renta Necklace for four days at $50 bucks
Add it to your kloset for $11