Kloset Komparable ~ Grey Plaid

by Kéla Walker

As you know plaid is really in this season. So many designers have put their spin on the classic print to create a standout look.  Case in point this high end grey plaid coat from a big name designer.

Kontinue to see how you can get the designer look for a lot less

A lot of retailer are fading out the traditional red and green plaid of this grey color but the grey plaid isn’t new to me and has been in my kloset for a while now. At the moment, fashionista’s are fawning over the Derek Lam version, but there are actually quite few komparable grey plaid pieces on the  on the market.

Which komparable would you pick?

Derek Lam for $695 
H&M $65

Here are a few other grey  plaid pieces to try the trend