Someone Please Buy This: Your Wardrobe Is Worthy

by Kéla Walker

If you know me and my style, you know I love a a good long vest.  They are a kloset keeper/ staple for me.  It was love at first sight when I saw this long vest on a recent store run.  OMG. IT’S SO GOOD.  I’m currently krushing on it so HARD. It’s taking everything in my me not to buy it.  Seriously, I’ve been racing my brain and kloset for any any excuse to buy it.   I pride myself on not buying similar items and since I already have both a grey and black long vest in my kloset and I can’t justify this purchase, YET.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t get it.  This long vest is just too good to pass up.  Common, one of yall have to get it and let me live vicariously through you.

Continue after the cut for the link to the awesomeness of this long vest

 I saw this long vest in person and I have to say; it’s a really nice quality.  It’s not flimsy or dainty but has some durability and thickness to it.  Add double breast feature to the style and  it’s super luxe for less. Come fall it’s going to be the perfect piece to stretch your wardrobe and transition into the season.  And in winter it will be just as useful layered over or under an old coat for a new look.  Now, can you see why I’m currently krushing on this long vest.  Oh and did  I mention that it’s only 46 bucks.   You know what, eff logic- I’m buying this

Get this long vest here