After NO Carbs For 2 Months I Deserve A Magnum Indulgence

by Kéla Walker

If you are following me on social media ( especially Snapchat) you know that for the last 7+ weeks I’ve been on a mission to get SNATCHed. That meant a lot of drastic changes to my life and style.  More than just sweat sessions 4 x week,  my 28 Day challenge forced me to give up carbs and all the yummy good things of life. So no bread, burgers, pizza, pasta, sweets, NOTHING.  No to all the joys a foodie, like myself, loves. Welp, after almost two month of leans and green, I just had my final weigh-in  and I’m pretty excited to treat myself and indulge in something ridiculously awesome.  *Insert body wave meme*  

What better way to indulge than with a magnum treat- specifically a Magnum Double Dipped IceCream Bar. I know, I know, all that hard work and now this but look, I deserve this moment.  I put in a lot of work and sacrifice over the past few weeks and there’s nothing more that I want during these sweltering hot days of summer than ice cream. But not just any ol’ ice cream will do, I want the good stuff and these Magnum Double Dipped Ice Cream Bars fit the bill in more ways than one.  There’s not one but multiple layers of delicious chocolate atop your choice of caramel (my choice), raspberry, chocolate and other ice cream flavors.  I mean really, need I say more?

Even though I’m fully indulging in the decadence of these Magnus Double Dipped Ice Creams Bars – that doesn’t mean I’m throwing away everything I worked for in the last few weeks.  I’m just relishing in the moment. If it’s any consolation, I’m still sticking to the healthy stuff for my meals and I’ll probably pick up an extra class at soul cycle this week but in the interim, let me have this moment. PLEASE

Speaking of which if you care to join me in the fun, there’s a special treat in store for you too.  From now until 7/30/16, Magnum is offering special double dipped savings at Target. Indulge me and click the image below for details

Now that you know about my indulgence I want to know HOW ARE YOU INDULGING THIS SUMMER? Share your indulgence for a chance to win a $25 Target gift card. Who doesn’t love that place? You could pick up these ice cream bars and a few other goodies because no canbuy  just one thing at Target.  Find my Magnum photo on my Instagram and leave a comment using the hashtag #MyMagnumIndulgence and share how you indulge.
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Full DISCLOSURE: This post is sponsored by Mirum Shopper, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you kindly for supporting both myself and the brands that support my habits.