Making The Most Of A Good Look

by Kéla Walker

 Indeed Spring has sprung but I couldn’t go any deeper into the season without sharing this fab look from this past season because no good outfit / photo op should ever go to waste.


We’ve all had this experience: You get dressed, looking all good in the cutest outfit- I’m talking hair did, face done, all with the ‘fit to match.  Maybe you go out for an errand or something but ultimately end up feeling like enough people didn’t get to see you in your flyness.  Yeah.  You know what I’m talking about.  God forbid we waste a good outfit on an empty day.  This post is dedicated to that moment in life us girls have all too often. That was this day. On this day, you couldn’t tell me shyt. I was doing the damn thing, from head to toe, and guess what y’all, I don’t think I had a damn place to go. Like NOWHERE.  Not even the grocery story so, BLOG POST.  That’s why I’m all too happy to finally post these pictures here even if  it is 3 months after the fact.  Listen, if don’t nobody else gets to see me kute,  y’all will. Love ya, MEAN IT!

Strip away the fur jacket and exchange the turtleneck for a regular t-shirt and this look is just as on point for spring.

Honestly though, this was one of my favorite looks this past season.  I’m just happy I could finally share it with you kuties but don’t be surprised if you see it reincarnated for Spring / Summer

Today’s Kloset Pull 

Coat & Purse ~ Asos | Skirt and Bralette ~ Zara | Shoes ~ Kendall and Kyle