The Perfect Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

by Kéla Walker

 As soon as I saw this long sleeve maxi dress in the store window of Mango I dashed inside for all the details.It’s so dreamy, I LOVE IT + do you know how hard it is to find a a nice, flowing long sleeve maxi dress? HARD.  Of course, it was just a tease because the dress was sold out pretty much everywhere.  Side bar, I hate when stores leave things on display that are no longer  in stock or use pieces on mannequins that they don’t even sell.  It’s just not right.  Naturally I checked Mango online and it was sold out there too.  I even signed the wait list which proved fruitless. But you know what, I FOUND IT and you’ll never guess where…

   JCPENNEY. That’s right, JCP. Yall know I adore JCP but heck, even  I was a little surprised  they had this dress. I know they carry a select Mango pieces in store but I didn’t expect THIS to be there.  I was just making a routine trip to JCP to see what they had in store.  I did my normal quick lap around the store and noticed the blotchy blue and white print on the end of a restock rack.  You should have seen how fast I snatched that hanger off the rack.  It was a little more than I’d like to pay for a maxi dress but considering I was stalking it for life, I figured I’d make the splurge + it was 50 bucks less than Mango’s listed price. Oh and I got to use a JCP coupon for my purchase. Yidtidee. Can you say WINNING.

Here are a few other long sleeve maxi dresses that have caught my eye: