Free Mammograms for EVERYONE

by Kéla Walker

More than encouraging everyone to feel their boobies,  Waze- the community-based traffic and navigation app with real-time traffic and road information has mapped ALL the free mammogram screening centers throughout the US.

How cool is that?  I know we are deep into October’s Breast Cancer awareness but I just had to share this cool feature with you.  All you have to do is look for the pink ribbons on your Waze map route or search “Pink” in the search box.  The app shares over  8000 locations offering free mammograms.

 free mammogram

Mammograms are suggested for women age 40 and over but early detection is key to battling breast cancer so why not get in on this offer  sooner than later.  Waze is offered this easy mapping system only for the month of October so hurry up and get into the one of the mammography locations.  In the meantime, continue to feel your boobs and stay on top of your breast health.