McDonald’s Infused New Orleans Style Cuisine

by Kéla Walker

The Birthday has passed  (yes I had a Bday, more on that later) and I’m back to my regularly scheduled program, starting with  a  recap of my  time in New Orleans and Essence Festival experience.  First up, dinner at McDonald’s

mcdonalds essence festival dinner

Yes you read correctly,  I kicked off  the 2014 Essence Festival with Dinner at Mickey D’s but this wasn’t your regular burgers and fries affair.  McDonald’s hosted a a very special welcome dinner for media and special guests at a local restaurant in Nola.  McDonald’s Infused remixed everyone’s favorite Mickey D’s items with the flavor and flare of  New Orleans’ cuisine, showing just how soulful and creative the golden arches can get.  Hosted by my red carpet buddy Janell Snowden, guest were treated to an amazing four course meal that left many of us proclaiming  I’m loving it.

Janell Snowden host mcdonalds essence festival dinner

There was pho, steak and a fish and grits dish that was so good I  failed to get a picture before devouring it.  I couldn’t believe it was prepared with the same fish used in the filet of fish sandwich.  When I tell you it was ridiculously TASTY!   I may or may not have eaten my dinner mate’s portion.  I definitely put in a request for McDonald’s to serve brunch with this dish on the menu.

McDonalds Essence Festival Dinner McDonalds Essence Festival Infused Dinner

 There was even a Macaron in the shape of a Big Mac.
Immersing more than Nola’s southern flavor into their dishes,  McDonald’s also infused the community into this event.  Showing just how deeply rooted they are in the community, the dinner was hosted at Cafe Reconcile, a nonprofit restaurant that provides life skills and job training in culinary arts to New Orleans’ at-risk youth.

It was such a feel good event infusing good food, great people and a community effort that warmed everyone’s heart.  Events like this are just further proof why McDonald’s is an American classic and fan favorite.

Next up, my first day at the Essence Festival Convention Center and working the Fashion Closet.

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What do you think of how McDonald’s Infused soul food into their special Essence Festival menu?