How To Dress Dope Like The #DOPEmovie Cast

by Kéla Walker

I already told you how dope the movie “Dope” is but can we take a minute to talk about the film’s fashion and style. Once again it’s art imitating life and a testimony to what’s goes around comes back around again. Dope takes place in present day but the 90’s play a big part in the film. It’s one of the major contributors to Malcolm’s meekness and dopeness.

Continue to get the deets on meeting the “Dope” movie cast and steal their on trend 90’s style

In the Dope Movie Malcolm is obsessed with the 90’s – the music, the culture, the style- all of it. The funny thing is the 90’s are actually really huge right now- especially the style. In the film, you will see a lot of crop tops, light denim, graphic tees and snapback hats.

Steal the “Dope” kid’s style  

Zoe Kravitz’s character, Nakia, has a style worth taking note of.  She sports the popular long and braids you spy everyone rocking these days a la Janet Jackson from the 90’s hit film Poetic Justice. Zoe’s style is so simple and effortless in the film, kind of like her real life style.

Steal Zoe’s “Dope” movie style  

It’s really dope how the fashion and style of the film compliment the storyline. Remember “DOPE” hits theatres June 19th. Check out the trailer below. When watch take note of the fashion and style and how’s what’s old is now new again.

The cast of the film will be at the Apple Store- The NYC Soho location- June 7.  RSVP here.  It’s a great time to meet the new kids on the block and get deets on the Dope- which I’m sure you’ll love. See you there.

Have you heard about the film Dope? Are you into the reemergence of 90’s style?