When Winter Meets Spring

by Kéla Walker

Happy Spring Kutie!!! In an ideal world our winter clothes would be packed away by now but here in NYC the weather is anything but ideal as Winter insists on meeting  Spring. 

At the time of this post it’s snowing in NYC.  Yes, SNOWING, on the first day of SPRING.  Indeed Winter meets Spring today.  We’re suppose to be baring skin and flirting around the City in the season’s hottest new styles and trends but instead we’re still bundled up and battling old man winter. UGH. I can’t wait to fully dive into baring leg and rocking bold colors from head to toe.

 In the meantime I’m tiptoeing into Spring with anything that will  serve both the functionality of Winter’s cold and the sensibility of Spring Style.  This colorful fur scarf is winter and spring in one- perfect for those not so cold but barely warm days. The knee baring jeans too.  These jeans are my way of rebelling against tights and are a tease to all the distress- skin baring jeans I’m hoping to get back into soon.

Oh and just know as soon as the snow is off the ground- warm weather or not I’m baring feet and toes.

Today’s Kloset Pull 

Colorful Fur ~ Asos | Jacket ~ Zara | Shirt ~ JCPenney | Jeans ~ Forever 21
Purse ~ Rebecca Minkoff | Shoes ~ Jeffrey Campbell |

Get the look in your kloset

How does your Winter wardrobe meet Spring?