Show and Tell How You Are #AllTogetherBeautiful with @MBIB

by Kéla Walker

I loving the work and spirit behind the My Black is Beautiful iniative (MBIB) – most recently with their #AllToGetherBeautiful challenge encouraging all to celebrate and redefine their beauty inside out.

Kontinue to learn more about the #AllToGetherBeautiful challenge and how you can get involved.

The DS Crew and I got to be a part of this #AllTogetherBeautiful challenge a few weeks ago at Essence Fest- one of the many events that have fueled my summer of fun AKA Mission #FTSU.  The MBIB space was popping in the Concention Center. Essence Fest visitors were invited to have their hair and makeup done and experience the range of P&G products that caters to the MBIB agenda to celebrate everything that makes black women beautiful, from the inside out.

To kick things off the the girls and I took over My Black is Beautiful, All Together Beautiful Studio where  VIP guests were invited to share their  #AllTogetherBeautiful story and current highlights.  I took on the morning shift, gollowed by Christen in the afternoon and Ty closing things at the end of the day.


During my take over I kikied with Demetria Lucas D’Oley aka A Belle in Brooklyn  – blogger / author / TV personality. I love how she has been a trailblazer in the blogger community creating and building a brand that promotes a positive space for women.  No doubt she is #AllTogetherBeautiful

I also chatted it up with  celebrity stylist Kiyah Wright where we talked beauty and boys . WATCH. Her   energy and zest for life  is so infectious. And the passion she put behind her work… so admirable.  She too is  truly and All Together Beautiful woman.

When I tell you Fun was Had- TRUST!!  I always have a blast whenever I get to bask in the glory of like minded women who look like me and are excelling through life. It’s one of the reason I really love this #AllTogetherBeautiful challenge that encourages us to share and recognize the beauty of a woman like us.  Prior to the Essence Fest experience I took on the challenge and did a video with MBIB recognizing the woman who’s beauty I want to promote – My little sister Joslyn.  Watch below

More importantly than sharing how all together beautiful my sister is, it made her feel good,  further encouraging her to be the rockstar that she is.  Who wouldn’t want to do that for woman in their life and community? Well you CAN!!  Now it’s your turn to take the #AllTogetherBeautiful Challenge and share someone who you think is all together beautiful?  Already so many women have taken on the challenge. I’m pretty sure know a woman or 2 or 4 so why no shout them out.  It’s really simple to do.

1. Record a video that celebrates a woman who is “All Together Beautiful”
2. Share this video across your social pages using the hashtags #MBIB & #AllTogetherBeautiful
3. Challenge another woman by tagging them on social media to do the same for someone else.

In the meantime learn more about MBIB and all they are doing.  I can’t wait  to see how you kuties take on the challenge.  Be sure to Tag me in your videos so I can see them and join you as you acknowledge the awesome All Together Beautiful woman in your life.