My Growing Obsession With David Yurman #ShoppingHaul

by Kéla Walker

I may or may not have an a obsession with David Yurman. One look at my arm candy and you can see I have a strong affinity to the brand. It’s began a couple of years since I started my collection and it seems to keep growing.  I love the classic, timeless beauty of the brand and their signature style. There’s nothing I cant wear my DY with.  Recently I went a little overboard and added even more pieces to my ever growing collection, making it the best yet.

Continue for my obsession with David Yurman and to see the newest additions to my cable bracelet collection

Look, I’m not going to front, these David Yurman pieces are a bad (expensive) habit.  Typically, I buy one piece to celebrate a moment in my life, i.e. a birthday, a big job opportunity. This go round I went a little over board after being honored with a Fashion 500 award. ( I think I might still owe you a post on that). I made up for old and new occasions and since it’s been a really long time since I did a shopping haul I figured what better time than now, after my little DY spree.  Before we get into this haul you should know this isn’t your normal haul, specifically, there is no video. Sorry, I just don’t have the patience to record a video.  I hope that’s okay.  Now lets’s get into my DY collection and the new babies.

Everyday, I wear the same ring ( pictured above) a gift from my brother and this girlfriend a few years ago. You’ve probably noticed it a time or two hundred in my post. I love it, hence the reason why I wear it every day but it was long overdue for a break so I added not one but two new rings to the collection starting with this two tone crossover ring.

I saw a friend’s wearing this stunning piece and immediately had to have it in my collection. No more than a couple days later I added the citrin yumminess which I’m utterly in love with. Suddenly, I’m talking with my hands like I have an engagement ring on. Speaking of which, I like to wear them both at the same time but they only fit the ring finger and since I’m not a fan of doing that on the left hand I’ve been trying out that ring-on-the-index-finger thing. I’m not completely sure how I feel about it on that finger but considering thats my only option, it’ll have to do. But I think I might like it.

As if that wasn’t enough I also added two more bracelets to my arm party –  a 10mm citrin classic cable (my first 10mm, normally I go for 7mm and  8mm) plus an 8 mm renaissance bracelet with a unique blue / turquoise stone. My eye was immediately drawn to be when I first saw it. It’s unlike most DY bracelets I see which made me want it even more. It kind of sticks out in my stack. Again, I can’t decide if I like that or not.

Speaking of the stack this little spree brings my cable bracelets collection to 6. Ever since my jewelry was stollen out my luggage 2 years ago I’ve been on a crusade to replace my Yurman pieces. I’ve now surpassed anything I had. Look at God!   #Blessings #Wrispect  I think I’m at the max of stacking and need to minimize with little mini set.

Perhaps my favorite piece amongst all my new additions is the citrin necklace. For years I’ve sat on the fence about this piece and then suddenly wanted one really bad. I layer it with other pieces, wearing it everyday, right along with my jesus piece. It, along with the ring and bracelet make the most chic set.

I think more than anything what I love about David Yurman pieces is that they’re elegant enough for special occasions but classic enough for everyday wear which is exactly how often I wear my pieces- everyday.  For the most part I wear pretty much all of my bracelets at any given time.  SMH.  I can’t help it, I feel naked without them. The classic cable bracelets are so divine. They compliment pretty much everything you wear them with.  They are definitely an investment but I do this for my unborn daughter who I will be able to pass these pieces down to (or at least that’s what I tell myself to justify these purchases).

 Get the look in your kloset

Do you have something you obsess over and collect?
What are your investment pieces?
Is there something that you invest in, to pass on to your children?

UPDATE: Let the record show that by no means am I trying to encourage you to spend frivolously on expensive jewelry or neglect your responsibilities at hand. As for me, all my bills are paid and my savings continue to grow before l buy anything, much less a David Yurman bracelet. I work really hard to sustain my lifestyle and afford the things I want in life. I’m real frugal and don’t believe in paying a lot for clothes or material things but I do believe there are some things worth the investment. Jewelry is just one of those things, along with travel and education to name a few. As the famous Carrie Bradshaw line goes, I like my money right where I can see it. Too often we squander money on things like brunch, drinks and socializing in general? You’d be surprised what you can afford when you redirect your focus and funds to other things with lasting benefits.