How My New Hair Gave Me A New Wardrobe

by Kéla Walker

This Peter Pilotto For Target look may be a little old but my new hairstyle brings it up to date, giving me and it new life

Shame on you if you didn’t know I have a new DO- you gotta keep up with me in real time & follow me on instagram to stay up to date on these thing. It’s amazing how hair can switch your whole style up.   I have been holding on to this Peter Pilotto for Target look for a while now waiting for a good time to wear it.  The collection was released in the dead of winter and I really wanted to go bare leg with it then Summer was full throttle and long sleeves were a NO NO. Fall is the first time I’ve been presented with the perfect weather to wear it.  I’m not one to care about how old something is but I was a little concerned about dating myself with this look since it was so signature to the collection.   However any reluctance I had was quickly dismissed by my new hair. This new do has had a huge impact on my overall style.  Without buying a single new item of clothing, my new hair do has revamped my look. OMG I Love IT . It’s like I got t a new wardrobe!

I love it straight but whenever I need to wash it and get to lazy to do so I twist it up for this bed head look- (VIDEO COMING SOON) It gives me an extra few days of wear before I HAVE to wash it.  That’s why I love extensions- they are super versatile and I can do things to the hair that I wouldn’t normally with my own hair.

Today’s Kloset Pull

Top and Bottom ~ Peter Pilotto for Target | Shoes ~ Tory Burch | Purse ~ Rebecca Minkoff |
Hair ~ True Indian Hair Malaysian Wavy | Cut and Color Leiselle Barnet | by Lippie ~ Stila Fiery + Nars Train Blue

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How does hair impact your style?