Meet Kéla

Style from a fashion fiend with the Kloset to prove it


HEY YOU!! Thanks for looking into my KLOSET!!!  I’m super flattered that you want to know more about me and my style! Obvi, my name is Kéla (pronounced Kayla), Kéla Walker, to be exact.

I’m just like you,  a girly girl, fashionista lusting over the latest trends and designer fixes.  I have my dream job as a Television Host & Producer working in the the greatest city in the world,  NYC!  Sure, I get to attend fashion week and cover some of the greatest events on the social scene but that doesn’t mean I get free clothing and designer threads for free.  Pretty much everything you see on my site is purchased, owned and styled by moi. Thankfully, I have a career that doesn’t stifle my style and allows me to express it in my work.

I am one of those that classifies shopping as a hobby. YES, a hobby!  It’s not just about going out and buying the latest looks & trends but instead curating a style and a kloset that suits your personality and appearance.  That said, my kloset is filled to the max. I hardly ever throw anything away ( I’m kind of a hoarder) and I’m a firm believer that what goes around, comes around. 

I describe my style as Timeless yet Trendy, Feminine & Chic. I know that sounds like a hodgepodge of stuff but hey, that’s the beauty of fashion, it’s any and everything you want.  I dare to pay retail and will stalk an item to its sale and clearance.  However, I don’t mind spending more on that killer handbag or a great power pump.  It’s my reasoning that no matter how much you weight, those two things will always fit, not to mention they make those mass produced low fashion pieces we all love,  look a little richer.

It’s easy to go out and buy the latest and greatest but one of the best and most underrated places to shop is your very own kloset. With a fresh perspective and twist of style, you’d be surprised at the looks you can kreate.  Hopefully you will be inspired by my kloset to try something new in your own.