Diamond Giveaway

by Kéla Walker

Made YOU LOOK. Okay but for real, I am giving away diamonds and not just the White Diamond Lustre fragance you see in this picture.  The thing is, I have been encountering a lot of diamonds lately.  Last week I got to play in them and before that I got to smell them with the introduction of this new scent.

Okay, before the giveaway, you have to read the details on White Diamond Lustre, then I Promise, details on the extra special giveaway

Not to be confused with the original White Diamond fragrance, White Diamond Lustre is a modern update of the old classic with a fresh and fruiter scent than it’s senior. Side Bar- Did you know that 20+ years after it’s 1991 introduction, White Diamonds is considered one of the best selling celebrity scents of all time ? WOW. While Elizabeth Taylor  remains synonymous with the timeless scent, the modern version will be fronted by actresses Nia Long & Regina Hall- a perfect fit considering how polished and poised they are.

White Diamond Lustre

Now the real question is does it smell good? Well, here’s your chance to find out. This is when I finally tell you about the giveaway.  As promised I am giving away diamonds.  In addition to a full size the the new White Diamond Lustre fragrance I’m adding a pair of diamond earrings to the mix, because what’s the point in wearing diamonds if no one can see them.
Please note the earrings are not real diamonds (Come on, you know better)  but they are set in sterling silver.

The only way to enter this contest is on Instagram so head on over to Instgram and enter NOW.