Nicholas Kirkwood NYC Sample Sale

by Kéla Walker

The Nicholas Kirkwood NYC sample sale kicked off today.  It’s the first time the European designer is doing a sample sale in NYC and it was the first thing I did this AM. Okay, maybe not THE first thing but with prices up to 75% it was definitely on my priority list this morning.

Many of the heels in this picture were at the sale but Kontinue to get IN THE KNOW on the Nicholas Kirkwood  NYC sample sale

The sale is only for two days so it was important for me to get there early.   There was no line when I arrived at the sale this AM and it was relatively empty inside.  There is a reason this sale is only two days, there is not a lot of stock and there not so much of a sample sale as the are on sale.     NK shoes reasily retails for $800 and better.  Some reaching over $1,500.  All shoes were priced by color many of which started at the $300 price and went up. I didn’t see not one pair of heels priced at $150 but then again those could be the ugly ones that I didn’t pick up.  lol

Shoes were lined in size order on tables that went from one end of the room to the other. It goes without saying that the best options were in the lucky size 6 section.

I’m a size 38/ 39 depending on the make and model of the shoes and while there were more options in the smaller sizes, there were some kute ones in my average size 7.5/8 range


I absolutely loved both pair of blue heels and the black mask like ones but priced at $400, I had to pass especially since I tried on other signature Nicholas Kirkwood heels  cheaper on a recent trip to Century 21.  I’m all for spending more on a great heel but I’m even more of a stickler for a great deal.

I’m on a bit of a shoe kick right now.  No lie, I’ve purchased 5 pair within one week.  I don’t know what it is, but this influx of shoes happens every year around this time, like clock work.  Maybe it’s the sample sale season that’s blooming around this time., I dont know but at any rate there are some great deals to be had, and I am front and center to cash in on them.  Of Course I will be share them with you here on  KK and on Instagram while in the process of shopping.

The Nicholas Kirkwood Sample Sale is being held at the Metropolitan Pavilion
125 W. 18th St between Sixth and Seventh Aves, 4 floor (212-463-0200)
Wed 10am -8pm
Thursday 8am to 8pm
Although I doubt anything good will remain by  then

Will you be checking out the Nicholas Kirkwood NYC sample sale? Would love to hear your thoughts on the European designer’s footwear.