When All Else Fails A Jumpsuit Does Not

by Kéla Walker

This post is TBT/ FBF –  Throw Back Trendy/ Flash Back Fashion.  Really, it’s just my way of sharing photos I should have posted a long time ago. Way too often I have looks that gets lost in the cracks of life but when I stumbled upon these images with this awesome jumpsuit I just couldn’t NOT post them even if they are late.

  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- jumpsuits are the equivalent to an LBD (little black dress), a necessity for your wardrobe.  When you don’t know what to wear and all else fails, they do not.  Quite frankly you can’t ever really go wrong wit

don't hesitate to pull on a jumpsuit for effortless style

When all else fails a jumpsuit does not

You can never go wrong with a good jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are the new LBD

 Today’s Kloset Pull

Jumpsuit ~ HM | Coat ~ Forever 21 | Shoes ~ Alice & Olivia

Get the look in your kloset