Inside NYC’s First Ever Dessert Festival w/ @Jamberry #OMGDessertGoals

by Kéla Walker

What do you get when you combine yummy desserts with Jamberry’s one of a kind creative nail wrap   for a day of fun and indulgence? The ultimate treat for an experience unlike any other.

Attending the dessert festival with Jamberry

When Jamberry invited me to a day of  mani’s and milkshakes there was no way I turning down the day of indulgence to celebrate the very first Dessert Festival.  I mean did you even know NYC had a Dessert Festival? ME EITHER.  The festival, more appropriate called OMG Desserts Goals is dedicated to nothing more than satisfying the biggest sweet tooth and putting you in a confectionary coma.

OMG Dessert Goals

The event sold out in minutes but thanks to my good friends at Jamberry I got an all access pass to the event. Before indulging in the treats, Jamberry treated me to a sweet mani decking my digits out with one of their cool design.  Let me tell you, you don’t know struggle until you have to pick out a design from one their 300+  prints and patterns. (We’ll talk about the struggle with the desserts later) If you recall I highlighted Jamberry on the site before (here, here  and here).  They ‘re perfect for anyone looking to nail that cool intricate nail art we see everywhere these days and take little time to accomplish.  They are flexible decals that you place over your nails for an instant mani. There’s no dry time and they’re super easy to apply. The only tools you need are a blow dryer to help set the adhesive, a nail file and a nail clipper.  How cool are these nail designs I picked out?

Jamberry Nail Decals

I opted for the deco design to accent nails to compliment the chrome nails I already had in place.

My nails were the cherry on top to the assortment of yummy desserts in store at the festival.  Your typical dessert menu consist of 3- 6 items to pick from but the Dessert Festival featured over 20 vendors  to (over)indulge on plus fun workshops, a photo garden.  Talk about a touch decisions. But unlike the Jamberry nails I didn’t have to chose. I got to try as much as my heart desired- from macarons and  treats too pretty to eat to bubble tea and and my favorite, Wowfulls.  I don’t really now how to describe this dessert. It’s like the ultimate ice sundae but WOW FULL which is such an accurate name for the indulgence considering wow is the first thing that comes to mind when you see it and full is what you’ll be if you’re ever able to finish it.  A dessert that’s just as tasty as it is picturesque; now that’s truly dessert goals.

 OMG Dessert Goals at the dessert festival with Jamberry

wowfuls at the  dessert festival with Jamberry

Needless to say I had a blast at the event and achieved all my dessert goals. Thanks to my friends over at Jamberry for knowing how to treat a girl and spoil her in all the right ways. Unfortunately the OMG Dessert Goals is all done but check out Jamberry to see what new and fun treats they have in store.

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