Stay Fit With Ocean Spray Pact Water #Powerof50

by Kéla Walker

If you’ve been following me on snapchat you know I’ve become a soul cycle lover in an effort to get my life #Snatched so when the good folks atOcean Spray PACt® Water invited me to a class to introduce their new beverage it was a no brainer.

Soul Cycle and Ocean Spray Pact

 More than a sweat session, the class was an introduction to Ocean Spray PACt Water - a new cranberry infused water packed with the power of 50 cranberries. PACt® cranberry extract water delivers unique cranberry health benefits to help cleanse and purify your body. If you’re like me and already dilute your cranberry juice with water you’ll be all the way into this.


For the class, bikes were outfitted with Ocean Spray PACt® Water towels and the cranberry infused water which was a refreshing change from the standard bottle of water I usually down during an intense soul cycle class.

Getting Fit With Ocean Spray Pact at Soul Cycle

The PAC in PACt stands for proanthocyanidins- a natural element found in cranberries which Ocean Spray was able to extract and deliver in the form of the PACt water. The PAC will purify the body, allowing certain harmful bacteria to be flushed away naturally while also hydrating with flavorful water. Since each bottle of PACt contains 50 cranberries, you get 80 milligrams of proanthocyanidins.  The health benefits are suppose to be beyond anything you’ll find in any other flavored waters.  It sounds like the perfect beverage to follow up a workout.

Getting Fit With Ocean Spray Pact

If you’ve never been to a soul cycle class you have to try it. However you should probably be into spinning because soul cycle takes it to another level.  Class includes great music, weights and arm presses throughout the session for an overall cool experience.  More importantly, it’s awesome cardio which is why I’m addicted to it.  It’s been a great addition to my sessions with my trainer, helping me get even more #SNATCHed.

This soulcycle class was also a great way to introduce me to Ocean Spray PACt Water? I’m into anything healthy that can give me a break from plain ol’ water and at 10 calories a bottle, Ocean Spray PACt Water could be the move.

( With Shainna from A Thick Girls Closet)

Getting Fit With Ocean Spray Pact

Have you tried the new Ocean Spray PACt Water?
Are you tried any of the new fruit infused water drinks that are increasingly popular  these days?