Experience O Town & Oprah’s The Life You Want Tour

by Kéla Walker

Oprah’s The Life You Want tour is sweeping the nation allowing fans of Lady O to  engage with her unlike ever before. I got to check out the NJ leg of the tour and experience the magic of Oprah for myself

Oprah's The Life You Want Tour

No matter the City, the first stop on Oprah’s Life You Want Tour is O Town – a cute way of referring to ALL THINGS OPRAH and favorite things.  Charmin  (Procter & Gamble) invited me and a few others influential ladies to a power breakfast meet up, giving us a first look at O Town before it opened to the public. Upon entry you received some pretty cool arm candy – the white bracelet is an integral part in enjoying The Life You Want experience and even lights up during Oprah’s presentation later in the evening.

Oprah's Life You Want Tour fun

As for the meet up, my mentor in my head, radio personality and HGTV personality, Egypt Sherrod, hosted a panel discussion with leading female executives  focused on that all to familiar topic of  balance and taking care of self. They all dropped some pretty great jewels of wisdom as we were encouraged to #tweetfromyourseat.  My favorite, “hourcations”. We can’t always find the time to get away for a proper vacation or staycation but we can manage to take an hour out of the day for ourselves. Pretty great, right?


Afterwards, guests were invited to take their best selfie and share what makes them feel complete.  Throughout the space there are positive reinforcements that inspire the best from you.


With Brandice, Founder and CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row and Ty of Gorgeous in Grey

The Charmin space is just one of many in O Town.  It’s one big circle filled experiences and brand engagement  – Cover Girl offered makeovers, Pantene gave scalp massages and Olay gave out beauty sample.

As you make your way around O Town there are several opportunities to take pictures with Oprah, or I should properly say her likeness. Those have the longest lines because of course everyone wants their picture taken with Oprah.

Along the way you will find words of affirmation and positive quotes posted throughout O Town keeping everyone in high spirits.
“Let Your True Beauty Shine”
“Strong is Beautiful”

As you can imagine, Oprah fans flocked from everywhere to experience The Life You Want Tour and O Town. This Super Fan stopped me in my tracks with her fly pink cut and Oprah Afro earrings.  She even had on an Oprah name plate necklace.  Love it!

O Town is open to The Life You Want  ticket holders all weekend and functions throughout the day before Oprah and friends hit the stage in the evening.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see her greatness speak but from what I hear, it’s pretty life changing.  There are 5 more stops on The Life You Want Weekend Tour.  She’s hitting up Texas, Florida, Washington, and California

 Have you checked out the Oprah Life You Want Tour? What are you thoughts on Oprah’s inspiring tour?