Orange is the New Black ~ How to Wear the Trend

by Kéla Walker

Orange is the new black… in more ways than one.  Besides my love for the Netflix series, I’m really infatuated with the color orange in both my wardrobe and makeup. Kontinue for more of my infatuation with OITNB and no worries, there are NO SPOILERS.

Orange is the New Black

FIRST, can I get a round of comments from those that are into the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black “?  OMG, it’s so good.  At first I didn’t get what all the hoopla was about and then I binge watched season 1 & got sucked into the mayhem. The show pulls you slowly but surely coasting along with interesting story-lines and plots that leave you wondering and then ends with a BOOM.  Every episode ends with a cliff hanger that makes you immediately want to see the next episode.  I literally watched all 13 episode of the 1st season in one sitting. I started at 8am and went to bed at 8:30am.  Insanity.  I wised up for the second season,  released earlier this month, and watched it in 2’s and 3’s and 4’s here and there. NO SPOILERS.  I just finished the season over the weekend and already I’m on baited breath for season three which I hear they are in the process of filming.  LOVE IT

  But back to the matter at hand and orange being the new black in fashion and style.  I’m already a big fan of the color in my wardrobe, it’s one of those colors that just works really great on my skin tone, giving me a gorgeous glow.  I adore how it accentuates this black and white stripe dress, popping in all the right places.  Speaking of this dress, I love the play on stripes and how it looks like a two piece. ( There is a lot of “love” in this post)   BTW- in the summer I’m all about cute 1 zip / pull on dresses.  I want to keep cute and cool with minimal effort but who doesn’t.  Back to this orange matter- it really is the new black. Besides accenutaing my wardrobe, Ive been playing with the color in my makeup.  Orange has replaces my signature red on many occasion. I switch back and for the between Mac’s Morange and Makeup Forever’s Rouge 40 Satin Orange.  Heck, sometimes I wear them together which is exactly what I did for this look.  It looks so good on olive skin tones.

 Trust, Orange is the NEW black.  Try it

Today’s Kloset Pull

 Dress ~ ℅ Ivy & Blu | Necklace ~ Forever 21 | Shoes ~ Christian Louboutin | Lipstick ~ Mac Morange & Makeup Forever Rouge 40

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Are you into orange as the new black- the show or the trend?