Fashion Functional Outerwear from Zappos Style

by Kéla Walker

These days #ootd no longer means outfit of the day but instead outerwear of the day. When zappos style challenged me to create a great outerwear look, I  I knew they’d have me covered from head to toe.

This is outerwear challenge is my first as a 2015 Zappos Style Influencer. Without hesitation the first place I went to on the site was COATS.  Duh. You kuties know I’m kinda obsessed with coats so it   was kinda a no brainer.   After refining my search with the  keyword  “winter coats”  this beauty was one of the first things I scrolled upon.  SCORE!

Is’nt it lovely.  I mean frankly this coat is undeniable. I love the graphic print / design of it.  It looks so very DvF but at a much better price. I also love the high neck on it, shielding my neck and serving double duty as a scarf. This coat is pretty warm all around.

As if this coat wasn’t enough to succeed at my challenge, I also found these cool gloves which are kinda saving my life. I like to think I’m a glove person but really I’m not. I always ends up relegating them to my pocket so that I can to use my phone without interruptions. Inevitably my hands go numb up and I end up taking turns with one hand in my pocket while the other types away until I  can’t stand the cold any more and have to switch to the other hand. Well, no more warm hand, numb hand,  phone switch hand anymore.  These tech gloves eliminate all of that.

I know tech gloves aren’t something new but it’s hard to find a cool pair that are both fashionable and functional yet these moto zip pair fit the bill.  They are so tough and chic.   They’re a lot more stylish than any fleece / neoprene ones I’ve seen or that you tend to think of when tech gloves come to mind.

I should add, that I also got socks for this challenge. Yes, Socks.  Zappos has those and I’m kinda excited about them. ( the little things get me excited) You can’t see them, obviously, but trust me they’re there, (see them HERE) just like my thermals and other essentials layers to keep me warm in this weather.   They’re triple layer insulated to help block the wind chill and are so warm an cozy.  I’m wiggling my toes just typing about them.

Like I said, zappos style has it covered from head to toe for great outerwear style and so much more. Check’m out and see what kind of cool, warm look you can create

Today’s Kloset Pull

Hat & Jeans ~ H&M | Coat ~ Desiguel c/o Zappos | Gloves ~ Ralph Lauren c/o Zappos |
Purse ~ Monicka Chiang | Socks~ Zappos | Boots ~ Kelsi Dagger

What do you think about my outerwear look styled from Zappos Style?