Repeat Offender ~ Paisley Print Shirt & Pintuck Pants

by Kéla Walker

Hey Kuties!!!  For some reason many of you think I never repeat my clothes which is far from the truth.  I repeat things from my kloset all the time, I just try to mix them up when I do like these pintuck pants 

Take these pintuck pants for example.  I wore them a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t help but pair them with this paisley print shirt I acquired recently.  I love how the two go together to create a cool monochramatic look despite the print. Side note, this hunter green is the new kolor of the season and would work really well with all those oxblood pieces you’ve been acquiring as of late.


Today’s Kloset Pull

****Photos taken by Sajjad of DFragg****

Shirt ~ Forever 21 (Komparable)
Pants ~ Forever 21 (komparable)
Fur Vest old ~ From Italy trip
Shoes, Bag & Coat old ~ Zara