Street Style Hype

by Kéla Walker

During NYFW I saw a lot of great street style both in person and online. It’s all so inspiring  but there are a few looks here an there that I know better than but somehow end up trying anyway… Like going bare in the cold. 


I’m rocking yet another Peter Pilotto for Target piece today. I actually purchased this blouse (and the match skirt) after my original fashion haul. I really wanted to wear the matching skirt with the blouse but with mother natural giving us the cold shoulder, that wasn’t happening. Speaking of which, lets talk about a few of these fashionistas I witnessed baring the cold this past fashion season.  Sure they looked amazing but  more like spring chic amazing than winter appropriate. I mean, they had to be cold – there is no way they couldn’t.  Yet I fell for the lure of it all and stepped out in the bare  (literally)  for this look.  Can we take a moment to acknowledge these AMAZING heels (from another fashion haul score).  But OMG I was  freezing and I was only outside for all of 10 minutes and ONLY baring MY FEET.  Peer pressure is a mother effer.  I saw women baring way worse in mini skirts and full on naked leg in many of the streetstyle post. I can only imagine how there felt going all day with no leg protection, prancing around from show to show.   There should be a “do not try this at home” disclaimer on some of those looks.Street style has a high price, so be careful no to believe the hype.  However, on the flips side how great is this look. I mean REALLY.  The shoes compliment the look and polished it off nicely.   LOVES IT. Socks and boots or anything else would have just taken away from its style factor.  I guess it’s true what they say, beauty is pain  and with a cold high price to pay.





 Today’s Kloset Pull

Coat ~ Zara | Vest ~ DvF | Shirt ~ Peter Pilotto for Target | H&M ~ Zara | Shoes ~ Zara |
Bag ~ Lieberskind | Lipstick ~ Sephora All Red

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Have you ever been influenced to try something you’ve seen on a street style post?
How did it go?