Boom PT 2

by Kéla Walker

Oops I did it again with this Boom sweater dress piece from the Phillip Lim for Target line. I was a little reluctant about this drop waist dress at first but I’m loving it now that it’s a little cooler. 

Drop Waist Dress

Drop waist dress style

I gotta tell you I was a little reluctant about this Phillip Lim for Target BOOM sweater dress.  It was my intention to cut the skirt off the bottom and have a second boom top but once I got it on, I kinda loved it as is.  The drop waist style has this subtle flirt and ultra feminine feel to it. Even with the comic style BOOM, it’s super kute and fun. So much so that now I think I want to add a couple more drop waist dresses to the kloset.

Boom Sweater Dress

Boom sweater dress

Boom Sweater Dress

 Phillip Lim for Target Boom Dress

Today’s Kloset Pull

Boom Sweater Dress ~ Phillip Lim for Target  (Nice komparable) | Shoes ~ Prabal Gurung for Target (komparable)  | Purse ~ Dvf

How do you feel about the drop waist dress style?