Try The Trend: Pom Pom Key Chain

by Kéla Walker

Take a look around and you’ll notice that little furry pom pom key chains dangling around . It all started with those Karl Lagerfeld Fendi fur balls a few seasons ago but now these little colorful fur balls are everywhere. I love the fun and feminine flair they add to a bag. It’s amazing how something so small & simple can make such a huge difference.  The Fendi pom pom key chain cost 850 dollars. Yes, American dollars. Thankfully, all great things in high fashion are followed by more affordable dupes which makes it easier than ever to try this trend.

Try The Trend: Pom Pom Key Chains

 Continue for a selection of pom pom key chains to cheer things up in your purse collection.

These pom pom key chains are a great way to give your old bag a  new lift, not to mention the luxe appeal.  It’s like getting a completely new bag but for a whole lot less.  I’ve been looking for them in several colors to add to my purse collection and switch things up in my style.

I added this DIY version to my bag a few months ago and it never fails to garner me a compliment or two. I wear my pom pom key chain on a satchel but they also work great on backpacks and clutches for an extra feminine touch.

Pom Pom Key Chains

 I’m so smitten with them.

What do you think of these pom pom key chains?
Will you be adding them to your purse for a little cheer?