Prescriptives Beauty Print Match Game + Kontest

by Kéla Walker

Here something you don’t know about me, I love games! Seriously.  I’m the girl that’s always trying to initiate a game of Taboo or Catch Phrases (my favorite) when I’m with family and friends.
My siblings hate me for it but they always have fun whether they admit it or not.  Believe me you want to be on my team. I’m VERY GOOD. Which I why  I’m super excited to be included in my first digital game – a beauty one at that – where you Kuties get to play and win a pretty cool prize.

Introducing the Prescriptives  Beauty Print Match Game
Here’s how it works: You get  15 seconds to match a beauty print  to the blogger you think it matches.  Play as often as you like – 1 winner is picked daily to receive a FREE Custom Blend Foundation and Beauty Print.

I’m giving away a free custom blend and beauty print to one of you Kuties ( I told you, you want to be on my team)
Kontinue for a 2nd chance win AND read more about the custom blend Foundation.

See the image below with the swirl of colors – that’s a beauty print.  It’s a unique spectrum of warm and cool colors combined  to make up the PX Custom Blend Foundation recipe specific to YOU.  How do they do this, you ask?  Every PX custom blend formula requires a 1×1 video session with Prescriptives’ resident beauty expert, Erica, who analyses your skin and makeup routine to create a custom formula.  I had one a few months ago and shared with Erica that I like to mix an illuminator into my foundation and she configured that into my custom blend -see here thus eliminating 1 less product in my beauty arsenal.   How great it that?  It’s perfection in a bottle with the beauty print to match which btw truly feels a like a unique work of art. I love MINE 

The Beauty Print Facebook Game runs from through March 3o and you can play every day for a chance to win a custom-blend foundation.  I would Love for my team of kuties to  dominate the winners circle.  SO START PLAYING NOW  &  enter my contest below to increase your odds.

To enter simply:
1. Like Prescriptives Facebook Page
2. Tweet the following messag :
I’m on #TeamKela to win the #BeautyPrint Match Game with @prescriptives & #KelasKloset @kelawalker”


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