Protect Your Best Beauty Feature And #BringOutTheBold with @LISTERINE

by Kéla Walker

On this edition of ridiculously cool things I get to do as a blogger I’m highlighting my recent visit to the LISTERINE Lab. Yes, THE LISTERINE® Antiseptic Mouthwash. The whole experience opened my eyes beyond belief, changing my beauty routine for the better.  The visit had me rethinking my entire life.  I know you’re thinking what the heck does LISTERINE have to do with fashion and beauty but it’s very relevant.  We always talk about the latest styles and beauty trends but neglect to include oral hygiene in the conversation despite it being a huge factor.  Your smile is your best beauty feature and accessory, no matter what you’re wearing.  Your teeth are your most valuable and priceless asset something we need to be more conscious of in our daily beauty routine.

Lets start to include oral hygiene in out fashion and beauty talks

Continue to learn more about my vist to the LISTERINE LAB and why you need to incorporate the antiseptic mouthwash into your beauty routine.

Let’s just get straight to the point, your teeth are NOT to be played with. We only get one set which makes them pretty valuable. We tend to forget that which explains why LISTERINE  is on a mission to improve oral health nationwide by embracing bold science.  They invited myself and a few other bloggers to their facility to get a first hand look at that bold science.  Suited up in a lab coat and goggles (which somehow instantly made me feel smarter and cooler)  I saw first hand how the scientist behind LISTERINE work.  What I learned was huge wake up call.

Studying bold science in the LISTERINE Lab

 The things I learned were beyond eye opening.  Scientist Tara Fourre, who has been with LISTERINE for 15 years, showed us around that lab where they create grow and test germs and bacteria to ensure the effectiveness of LISTERINE. They have an odor room that simulates the inside of your mouth- OMG, it smells atrocious. Imagine the worse breath you’ve ever encountered and then multiple that by 10.  Yes, it was that bad and Tara works in it everyday and was completely unfazed by it.  She’s the real MVP.   When she said that the our “mouth is full of bacteria with 800+ animals calling it home” I lost my mind.  She didn’t call it bacteria- she referred to them as ANIMALS. Because the mouth is a warm, wet environment it’s the perfect host for them to live & reproduce (bad breath anyone?).

The awesome thing about LISTERINE® Antiseptic Mouthwash is is that it kills ALL those animals  bacteria. It’s clinically proven to clean virtually 100 percent of the mouth. All is takes is a 30 second swish.  Brushing your teeth alone only eliminates 25%  hence the need for LISTERINE.  See for yourself.  The image below is the results of my personal  swish test  that I took during my visit at the LISTERINE Lab.  Sidebar: I’ve always wanted to do one of those LISTERINE commercials- you know the one where they highlighting the different facial expression made as the actor makes it through the 30 second swish. Hey, don’t judge my dreams. This kinda of sorta felt like my opportunity- if only in my head and on snapchat (because of course I documented the trip there).  The results of ,y swish test are below.  Do you see how many bacteria animals were left in my mouth after brushing my teeth.  UGH.  Since the visit, I’ve added swishing to my beauty routine, doing it multiple times a day.

My personal swish test at the LISTERINE Lab

  Another very cool thing I learned on my visit to LISTERINE Lab is their users have bold habits.  SERIOUSLY. After evaluating the personal experiences, accomplishments, emotions and attitudes of both LISTERINE users and non-users, it was found that LISTERINE® Antiseptic Mouthwash users and have a real taste for the bold- literally. Results from the study showed that LISTERINE users BRING OUT THE BOLD and are more likely to:
-quit their job and follow their dreams
-eat weird and spicy food
-31% more likely to ride a motorcycle
-book a trip and leave on the same day
– go skydiving

YES.  This was a real study with factual information.  Ultimately the study proved that LISTERINE users have fresh confidence to make bold moves.   I can totally relate to that last bold move, I went skydiving last summer and it was so great I’m actually planning to do it again this summer. If you think about it, the study completely makes sense.  How many times have you stopped yourself from talking to someone or getting up close and personal because of your breath. All it takes is one 30 second swish to eliminate odors, bacteria and apparently helps you BRING OUT THE BOLD. 

Listerine users BRING OUT THE BOLD and are more likely to skydive

Also on location for the trip, Dr. Lee Gause, the super cute dentist from the Bravo dating show, The Single Project, who is a real practicing dentist.  He gave even more insight on healthy habits for our teeth.  Funny enough he’s from a long line of dentist. Practically his entire family is in the business – His mother, father, uncle, and brother are all dentist making him quite the credible source.
He also confirmed that our smile is our best assest.

Besides the obvious practice of brushing your teeth and now using LISTERINE check out these 5 very simple tips Dr. Lee Gause shared to practice and preserve your best accessory.

1 – Floss, floss. floss. Did I say Floss. I cant stress how import this it. It cleans inbetween the teeth and under the gums where those bacteria animals hide away.
2 - Don’t chew or crush on ice- it breaks down the enamel of your teeth
3 - Opt for sugarless gum; anything else is like bathing your teeth in pure sugar which isn’t good for you- DUH
4 - Avoid use of toothpicks – they also breakdown the enamel of your teeth
 5 - Floss, floss. floss. Did I say floss. It cleans the places inbetween the teeth and under the gums where those bacteria animals store away.

You’ll be surprised how practicing these five tips combined with your daily routine will help BRING OUT THE BOLD in you.

With fellow blogger and Her Agenda Founder Nesha



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